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Benito Wong
Rating 1.0/5.0
Review Published: December 21st, 2021
Reply to "Benito Wong" "Scam"

When it comes to generating online web designs, this website is untrustworthy. They are unable to provide any trustworthy website design services or products, and they do not react to consumers.

Jennifer Gardner
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 24th, 2021
Reply to "Jennifer Gardner" "Ineffective"

How did they manage to be in business for 10 years when their customer service is so bad? I had a bad experience with one of their customer care representatives, who was unhelpful.

Richard Langwieser
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 25th, 2021
Reply to "Richard Langwieser" "Unexpected encounter"

Only works with Chinese firms and likes to do business with them. They pay little attention to small company owners. It’s really difficult to contact their personnel, and their service appears to be subpar.

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Kepos365 have 10 years of experience in corporate website construction and are committed to providing high-quality website construction services for various small and medium-sized Chinese companies in Spain.
Since its establishment, it has provided corporate website construction and promotion solutions for newspapers, travel agencies, schools, boutiques, advertising companies, Chinese restaurants and many other companies.

Pays feeble attention
Unhelpful team
Phone: +34655131359 Email: info@kepos365.com Website: https://kepos365.com/