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Rizwan Ahmed
Rating 1.0/5.0
Review Published: December 21st, 2021
Reply to "Rizwan Ahmed" "Stay away"

I’ve been using website design companies for over twenty years and have yet to discover one that is trustworthy and follows through on its promises. A false review site is part of a web design scam. All of the sites examined are a hoax with fake portfolios and no physical address. Do not be fooled; everything is controlled by the same individuals. Keep your distance.

Dilip Zala
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 24th, 2021
Reply to "Dilip Zala" "Outdated"

Their systems and technology are antiquated and ineffective, and their customer service is poor. Similarly, there is a dearth of client service. This company does not believe that internet advertising is worthwhile. Using their services is worthless.

Vicki Hammond
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 25th, 2021
Reply to "Vicki Hammond" "Unreliable service"

Their technology and methods are outdated and ineffectual, and their customer service is inadequate. Similarly, customer service is lacking. This business does not consider digital marketing to be worthwhile. It is pointless to use their services.

Patrizia Piski
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 27th, 2021
Reply to "Patrizia Piski" "Worst conceivable scenario"

Worst application imaginable. Simply by looking for an application, you will receive countless calls. It’s wonderful that we can get everything for a low price, but you’ll become tired of answering calls from unknown numbers. Because your contact information is public, you may just search for it. I am concerned about the security of the information we disclose on our website/application. I recently completed the application process.

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Inverso helps in maximizing marketing through the very latest software and creative options for publishers and advertising partners. Through latest in creative and technological solutions combined with expertise on both sides of the digital marketing spectrum Inverso is able to easily identify where and how to focus efforts ensuring to meet mutually beneficial goals every time.
With the digital space providing enormous potential for businesses, the company will successfully assist you in growing customers brand online, across all platforms.

Poor service
Outdated methods
Website: http://www.inverso.info/