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Saba Basha
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 23rd, 2021
Reply to "Saba Basha" "Short Staffed"

They advertise themselves as incredibly competent and professional. I tried to get in touch with them in order to use their services for my new business. They encouraged me to wait, and since then, they have been completely unresponsive. There looks to be a major shortage of personnel!!

Akira Kenji
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 24th, 2021
Reply to "Akira Kenji" "Not a pleasant experience"

Dealing with them is a bad experience due to their unprofessional employees and shoddy and unorganized services. Dealing with them is not a pleasant experience since they are so disorganized.

Sara Ann Poppy
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 25th, 2021
Reply to "Sara Ann Poppy" "Unprofessional"

They provide the worst customer service I’ve ever seen; they’re unprofessional and provide no value. They are unresponsive to their consumers’ demands. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Ambitious professional, well-experienced in all fields of communications with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration for Communications; 16 years of work experience in account management, consulting, and concept/strategy development for network agencies; additional freelance experience; proven skills in leading and organizing international teams as well as planning and running large accounts; ability to work under high pressure.

Worst customer service
Unprofessional employees
Website: https://florianwehde.com/