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Arthur Oliveira
Rating 4.0/5.0
Review Published: December 24th, 2021
Reply to "Arthur Oliveira" "Dependable and safe"

It’s incredibly trustworthy and secure, as well as simple and quick to use. They offer a wide range of payment options. With this account, there were no hidden fees or charges.

Roberto Catone
Rating 5.0/5.0
Review Published: December 26th, 2021
Reply to "Roberto Catone" "Strongly suggested"

On their account, there were no hidden fees or charges. The fact that I can handle my account in any currency is an added bonus. CreditBLU is a product that I strongly recommend.

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BLU is modern payment platform that allows speedy opening of unlimited number of corporate and/or personal payment accounts in any worldwide currency. With BLU customers can receive bank transfers, make bank payments, top-up the account and pay for the products and services using many payment methods, including SWIFT/SEPA, electronic payment systems, e-wallets and payment cards. BLU Business Loans – is an affordable and convenient way to borrow money for short or long terms. In addition, BLU is all about advanced data protection technologies, European quality and safety.

No hidden fees
Email: support@creditblu.com Website: https://creditblu.com/