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Marcos Marticorena
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 21st, 2021
Reply to "Marcos Marticorena" "Took soo much time to set up"

Because it’s all about virtual offices, I contacted them to see if they might help me with my company. It took so long to set up the virtual office! This was in blatant opposition to their website’s assertion that setting up a virtual office would take no time at all. They have squandered my time, and I am quite upset.

Qasim Mayo
Rating 2.0/5.0
Review Published: December 24th, 2021
Reply to "Qasim Mayo" "Don't fall for this ruse"

They advertise themselves as a virtual office provider having offices all around the world, however this is not the reality. They did not respond to my calls or emails when I questioned about their prices and services, and I was really excited to start a new business. If you don’t want to fall for the hoax, don’t fall for it.

Ferre Deconinck
Rating 1.0/5.0
Review Published: December 25th, 2021
Reply to "Ferre Deconinck" "Nothing but a fancy website"

I imagined they would be excellent and professional in their field when I initially heard about them. I was looking forward to a terrific consultation, however it turns out they aren’t specialists at all! They just have a well-designed website.

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From Toronto to Tokyo, from Paris to Perth, with the virtual office solutions from Clevver, the world is at customer’s fingertips.

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